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Personalised Blank Book set of 3 PYRAMID STYLE - Home decor - Coffee Table Book

Personalised Blank Book set of 3 PYRAMID STYLE - Home decor - Coffee Table Book

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Customise your own unique set of books with any details you wish. Perfect for anyone who would like full design control

Please add your customisation  note to the note section above.  Please include required:

 WHITE Book 'Name'

 BLACK Book 'Name'

 WHITE Book 'Name'

+any request you may have or I should know about.
Please note , these handmade books does not involve any kind of printing. Blank page books are handcrafted to perfection specially for you. Made to order item.
Your ideas are welcome , favourite city names , quotes or anything else - we can do it! ☺️
Even though the books are blank inside we recommend to use it for decoration purposes only.

Once your order is placed we will get back to you with the best font/design sample/samples for your custom book set 
🎀 NUMBER OF BOOKS : 3 hardcover BLANK books

🎀 Sizes : 3 BOOK PYRAMID